NEW YORK - Pakistan has the resources and human potential to rejoin the ranks of advancing countries if it has an effective leadership, former President Pervez Musharraf stated this in a speech. In a speech to hundreds of supporters in Addison, Texas, he presented All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) as a viable alternative, a party that will soon be established in all provinces of Pakistan, according to media reports. The two parties that have dominated politics in recent decades the Pakistan Peoples Party and the Muslim League have played pingpong with the leadership without delivering the country from economic decline and, now, chaotic violence, he said. Musharraf, speaking on Friday night at a fund-raiser for the APML he launched nine months ago, presented a vision of hope for building a prosperous, stable and tolerant country a direction he said the country was on under his stewardship from 1999 to 2008. The former President pointed repeatedly to the strides which he said were made after he took over the leadership of Pakistan following a 1999 military coup. He cited economic growth, sound fiscal policies, infrastructure improvements, advances in education and better opportunities for women. Musharraf, who has been living in exile, said he will return to Pakistan on March 23, 2012, to prepare for elections in early 2013. 'Time is short, he said. 'The next election is going to be the mother of all elections, he added. In a question-and-answer session after his speech, Musharraf insisted that Pakistans status as an Islamic Republic is not at odds with his pledge for supporting the rights of minorities and women. 'Secularism, rights of minorities, rights of women are inherent in us being an Islamic Republic of Pakistan, he added. The audience received the former President warmly, responding with frequent applause during his speech as might be expected from the 250 to 300 supporters who paid $500 or more to dine with him at a hotel, according to The Dallas Morning News.