The suspension of $800 million, which is around a third of the annual US security aid to Pakistan, must not come as a surprise. The growing rift between Washington-Islamabad relations was evident that there would be some unwelcoming decisions from both sides in the upcoming days. Though the suspension is a big decision for both the countries, yet it will not harm the Pakistan Armys efforts to curb extremism and militancy in the tribal belt and Afghan bordering areas of the country. While talking about the aid suspension in a television programme the White House Chief of Staff William Daley also accepted that Pakistan had been an important ally in the fight on terrorism. They've been the victim of enormous amounts of terrorism. This is one of the dual standards of the US administration as on one side they accept that Pakistan has also been a victim of terrorism and it is doing its job to counter it, but they dont understand Pakistans ground situation on the other hand. Now, the US is using stick rather than carrot with Pakistan to get its 'demands fulfilled. Even the US media is reporting that the recent aid suspension is a move to chasten Pakistan for expelling American military trainers and to press its army to fight militants more effectively. The growing demands by the US would not lead to a healthy relationship between the two allies on the war against terrorism. It is a high time for our leadership to take some serious and long-run decisions with reference to the future of US-Pakistan relations. ATIF K BUTT, Lahore, july12.