ISLAMABAD - Although Pakistan-Iran Joint Commission on Road Transportation had strongly recommended two additional international crossing points at Pishin (Iran)-Mand (Pakistan) and Gabd (Pakistan)-Reemdan (Iran) for promotion of trade and commerce between the two counties, yet the idea is unlikely to be materialised even in the next five years. The suggestion was floated for the promotion of trade between two countries but due to available resources both sides even could not consider it as yet, sources in Communication Ministry told TheNation. Keeping in view the importance of these international routes if the idea was taken seriously it would take over five years to be materialised, they said adding that meagre resource was considered to be the main reason behind ignorance on it. Currently ministry was not in a position to properly cope with countrys development projects, they said, how could it consider on these international projects. It is relevant to mention here that presently there was only one international crossing point between the two countries.