PATTOKI - Pattoki, a Tehsil Headquarter, is a small commercial centre catering to the daily needs of the village dwellers in its outskirts. But it is beset with various problems. The ground water of the city is salty and unfit for human consumption. Potable water is imported from the Ravi River side (Shaikhum Scheme) through pipes. But on account of defective planning it is polluted by the sewage water scheme. Sui gas connections have been given to certain houses and the work is stopped and it is not making any further head-way in certain areas. The roads of the city are in shambles, the bazaars are strewn with stones. Further progress is in stand still. Chunian Road is in a dilapidated condition and is posing threat to human life. The repair work on the road was undertaken but the contractor left the work incomplete due to reasons unknown. College Road, under overhead bridge, Chunian Road, Hallah Road and other bazaars, streets of the city are in shambles, and cause traffic jam. It appears that the structure of the work is vulnerable to corruption as an inordinate delay when the money has been drawn to avoid lapse of the funds at the closing of the fiscal year is beyond comprehension of the people. Mosquitoes and flies swarm the city throughout the day and night. Spray of insecticides is no more visible. Stray dogs are there creating fear and construction to the children and grownups. CLEAN-UP DRIVE WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION: Political pressure and interference will not be tolerated during the ongoing anti-encroachments campaign here in the district. These views were expressed by Kasur DCO Syed Arshadul Hasan Shah while addressing an open court held at Town Hall Tehsil Secretariat here the other day. Pattoki Assistant Commissioner (AC) Saffiullah Gondal, XEN Nasir Ali, DSP Mirza Abdul Quddoos Baig, TMO Rana M. Idrees and others officials were also present on the occasion.