KHANEWAL - Punjab Forestry, Livestock, Agriculture and Irrigation Minister Ahmad Ali Aulak has assured that the Punjab government will offer subsidy on biogas tube well project as the government wants to develop and promote agriculture by introducing modern technology. The minister made the remarks after a meeting with the representatives of Green World Organization who has introduced bio-power technology. During the meeting the provincial minister, agriculture specialists and engineers were briefed about the biogas technology. According to the modern technology and research, the agriculture specialists and engineers have introduced a latest gas-filtration plant and new sewerage tank, having 200 per cent enhanced capacity of biogas and free biogas will available round the clock with the use of the new technology. By utilising the new technology, cheapest of power for homes and industrial units and irrigation water will be available. On the occasion, the representatives of Green World informed the participants of the meeting that the life span of the biogas plants are 30 to 40 years. The minister appreciated the biogas technology and announced subsidy for these plants.