ISLAMABAD (NNI) The economy of the Pakistan is going down by the passage of every day which calls for urgent and decisive actions by the government, the Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) said on Sunday Incompetent leadership and policies without logical or meaningful connection have made the countrys economy weak while preserving credibility has become a big challenge for the government, it said. Doubts, uncertainty, panic and pain have become part of the life for commoners as well as business community, Dr. Murtaza Mughal, PEW president said in a statement here. Loss of confidence is a very serious issue taken lightly by the politicians while the experience shows that it is impossible for a country to regain the confidence of the market once lost. To avoid such an outcome, the leaders must act boldly and swiftly through parliament to boost anaemic growth rate, he added. The government urgently needs to send a clear message to convince international community and investors that government is now serious to introduce radical structural reforms. He said that unpopular reforms will take time to produce results but will restore the markets confidence which is dwindling due to impression that rulers are willing to risk everything to prolong rule and protect personal wealth. Our lumbering and complicated legal system that imposes huge costs on business community must be overhauled while dispute mechanism system should be made simple and speedy, he said. Dr. Mughal said that current circumstances are leading country towards unsustainability raising serious challenges to our independence. In this scenario, economic sustainability should be on the top of the governments agenda as plunging into political and economic insignificance may leave Pakistan with no option but to accept Indian dominance, he warned.