OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE If the elected governments fail to resolve the national as well as public issues, the masses would go against them. The conflict between the state institutions and the trend of ignoring the courts orders was against the spirit of democracy. These views were expressed by leaders Zaeem Qadri, Shaukat Basra and Mian Sajid Parvez of Pakistan Muslim League-N, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) respectively while talking to the host Salman Ghani in the Waqt News famous programme 'Barwaqt. The participants further revealed that reason behind the worst condition of the masses was weakness of the political parties. Mian Sajid Bashir said that the true leadership could try to resolve the issues by understanding but our leadership had proved devoid of any intellect. The leaders today are politically dwarfs he said. The rulers are ignorant of the true problems of public, he said. He also regretted over the present chaos of the country comparing it with that of East Pakistan muddle in early seventies. Talking about sanctity of the apex court ourder the PTI leader said the court has truly targeted the corrupt and the criminals and the present government seemed reluctant to obey them. I will quit PTI if the assets of PTI chief Imran Khan abroad were found, he claimed. Zaeem Qadri criticized the PPP governmt of providing shelter to the offenders and ignoring the court orders. all the stubbornness on Zafar Quraishi was to accommodate Q League, he blamed. He also charged a leader of having assets abroad in London adding the same leader purchased meat for his dogs worth Rs 65000. He said the one reason of present tide of price hike was levy of Rs 32 per litre oil adding that the corruption culture in the power corridors was on the rise. Talking about the incident of Anjum Aqil MNA, Qadri said his party had a strong internal system of accountability that forced the MNA to surrender. He also criticized the interior minister Rehman Malik who himself was convicted of talking about supremacy of the law. Shoukat Basra while expressing his views said the politicians should be a role model not a scene of drama. He said all the political parties should show responsibilities. He said the provinces were also responsible for the outreaching prices. He ruled out elections before time saying that it was no solution to the problems. He criticized the judiciary for playing role in FIA additional director Zafar Quraishi issue. The program host Salman Ghani said the elected government had failed to deliver adding that if executive failed to review its ongoing practice of not delivering the fruit of democracy to the common masses; it would be terrible for political leadership as well as government. He also condemned the so called criticism on judiciary saying that it was last hope of the Pakistan people.