Sweaty bottoms may soon be a thing of the past - at least in Japan, as a Japanese company has unveiled a pair of trousers with a built-in air conditioning fan.

If you’re looking to complement your air-conditioned shirt with a pair of pants to help keep your bottom half cool in the summer heat then Japanese company Kuchofuku has you covered. The battery-powered fans also have another drawback - your trousers inflate in a manner that their creator describes as ‘like a Michelin man’.

The Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooling have two battery-powered fans built in, and direct cooling streams of air down the legs and into the nether regions.

The cooling hardware hangs in dedicated pockets sewn into the outer thigh of the pants and is lightweight enough to not burden the wearer too much. The pants are made from a 65 percent polyester, 35 percent cotton blend and are available in M, L, 2L and XL sizes, to fit waists from 108 to 129 cm (42.5 to 50.8 inches). Color choices are somewhat limited with only a light khaki green available. Normally, sweat is produced and evaporates, causing a cooling effect - but clothes interfere with this process by trapping the droplets. But the jacket, invented by former Sony technician Hiroshi Ichigaya, produces a layer of circulating air which enhances sweat evaporation.

The fans - four inches in diameter - are powered by AA batteries, which last for several hours, or by plugging into a computer using a USB cable.

The electrical parts can be removed for washing. The only drawback is the balloon effect caused by the air flow.–Agencies