LEGENDARY Chicago gangster Al Capone’s souped-up and bulletproof Cadillac has emerged for sale.

The 1928 Cadillac V-8 Town Sedan features 300lbs of steel armour, bullet proof glass, muzzle sized holes for machineguns and even a drop down window to mow down pursuers.

It is also painted in green with black fenders to look like the police cars once driven by the Chicago police. The vehicle even had police lights, a police siren and was fitted with the first police-band radio receiver known of in private hands.

Gangster Capone was eventually jailed for tax evasion and, following this, it is thought that the car was briefly used by President Franklin Roosevelt.

After Capone’s imprisonment the vehicle went on to be shown around the world, even making a trip to the UK in the 1950’s displayed at the Southend-on-Sea amusement park and at the Blackpool funfair.

Ironically, the 84-year-old vehicle is now deemed to be a classic and is therefore tax exempt.                  –WO