BAHAWALPUR -Announcing the ‘Old System, old Leadership Unacceptable’ movement, thousands of women at a convention of women under Abida Durrani on Tuesday declared a war on oppression, injustice and exploitation in Bahawalpur.

They pledged that they would play their part in achievement of the goal of people’s rights and prosperity under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Durrani. Prominent woman leaders Mrs Malik Habibullah Bhutta, Syeda Aansa Gardezi, Parveen Atta, Fatima Durrani, Kalsoom Bibi, Mrs Naeem Essa and Aneela Ghilloo also addressed the gathering.

The sitting adopted different resolutions. One of them condemned the insensitivity of the government and the department concerned towards drought and famine in Cholistan and demanded the authorities gear up its efforts to cope with the serious issue. It urged the media to play its due role for highlighting this serious humanitarian crisis.

Paying rich tribute to former federal minister Durrani for successfully struggling for the restoration of the Bahawalpur province, another resolution awarded him title of ‘Farzand-i-Bahawalpur’ (Son of Bahawalpur) and stated that mothers, sisters and daughters in the region would fully support him for the cause.

The women called upon National Assembly Speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza to listen to the women of Bahawalpur and play her parliamentary role of forming the commission at the earliest for the restoration of the Bahawalpur province. It was also decided that a letter would be written to Dr Fehmida Mirza.

Abida Durrani said the bid to fail movement for the cause was thwarted.

 She said the women of the region would not let thieves to be appointed guards. “A new leadership is solution to the problems of the region and no hurdle would be tolerated.

The women will now play the role of a forerunner in the struggle for the prosperity of Bahawalpur as they played a historical role for the restoration of the province.”

She said that the leader of the movement, Durrani, courageously and confidently fought the case of Bahawalpur’s people at every forum including the Parliament after collecting documentary evidence of 40-year economic and water terrorism against the people of Bahawalpur.

She said by participating in the rallies and sit-ins under his leadership, the people of Bahawalpur sent a message to the rulers that they would not rest until the restoration of the Bahawalpur province, which is their identity.

Speaking on the occasion, Malik Habibullah Bhutta said that people of the soil of Bahawalpur province are now close to their goal under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Durrani, whose services they salute.

Gardezi said the goal of the restoration of the Bahawalpur province is nearing and the services of Durrani and Abida Durrani for ensuring the restoration of the province through the practical struggle would be remembered.

Parveen Atta said that the women had been playing their role in the movement for the restoration of the Bahawalpur province since 2009.

In her address, Fatima Durrani said that just like Fatima Jinnah, the sister of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, played a commendable role in the Pakistan Movement, the role of Abida Durrani along with her brother Muhammad Ali Durrani is also admirable.

Aneela Ghilloo and Kalsoom Bibi said that the enthusiastic leadership of Durrani gave confidence to the people of Bahawalpur and they took part in the practical struggle under his leadership.

They said Durrani proved to be a “messiah” for the people of the region.

Representing the minority communities, Mrs Naeem Essa and Mrs Sardes said that all minority communities in the region are united under the leadership of Durrani for the restoration of the province and participating in the practical struggle.

Mrs Khalida Farooq Sheikh, Mrs Faiza Ahmed, Mrs Farah Liaquat Lodhi, Mrs Ghazala Shahid Rehmani, Mrs Bilquees Gardezi, Mrs Shamim Abbasi, Mrs Aamir Islam, Shabina Javed, Naheed Pervez and Khalida Chishti also attended the convention.