Although Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani has linked Balochistan’s law and order with an international conspiracy, he asserted at the same time that the situation is not as dire as it is being propagated. The gentleman appears to have taken leave of reason and perhaps ought to now take leave of his office. To install his head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge the desperate and consistently deteriorating condition in his province is clear enough example of the kind of thinking that has bought Balochistan's affairs to this appalling state. The need of the hour is to be honest and display willingness to solve the problem, rather than to crow unconvincingly of how all is well. The Supreme Court's hearings regularly scheduled in Balochistan are not so arranged for its health. People going missing and turning up dead, the FC running rampant, development funds being pocketed by members of the Balochistan assembly who avoid so much as stepping foot in their constituency, let alone working for its development; these are the problems faced by Balochistan and we regret to inform the Chief Minister that they are all too real. It is precisely this kind of government inefficacy and criminal ignorance that paves the way for resolutions on Balochistan in the US Congress. If Pakistani officials cannot demonstrate at least the most basic of sense and grace when addressing Pakistan's problems and continue to turn to scapegoats and the kind of unbelievable psychobabble, that by rights should earn them a prolonged stay in a padded room, then all we can look to is a repeat of a tragedy that took away half the country. And we will have no one to blame, but ourselves. We beg the Chief Minister to rouse himself from his utopian daydream and take a long hard look at the province he is responsible for.