ISLAMABAD - Parking problems, thefts, crimes and other difficulties are augmenting the miseries of people coming to Bari Imam. Devotees at Bari Imam Shrine complained that the Islamabad administration has been unable to control crime, extra charging, substandard food, transport problems and drug peddling in Bari Imam area. The place has been turned into a city of camps, thickly crowded by men and women.

Most visitors came from outside Islamabad and complained that transporters were fleecing them.

The vacant area surrounding the shrine has been converted into disorderly parking lots by the city administration.

“The administration has allocated parking contract to local contractors and it is their duty to arrange for smooth parking of vehicles at the shrine,” visitor argued.

Over 1,250 personnel of the Islamabad police have been deployed at the shrine to control crime and numerous walkthrough gates with CCTV cameras have been installed to check unruly elements.

Nonetheless, the visitors were not satisfied with security arrangements stating that the security personnel have focused only on suicide bombers while the incidents of pocket pickings and mobile snatching are rife.

Police officials said people were also responsible for their own safety. On the other hand, people openly smoke hash and drink liquor near a cave frequented by the saint with no regard to the fact that it disturbed others, especially women and children.