THINK about the most impressive maze you’ve ever had to solve, and I guarantee it’s not as cool as what this Reddit user can create with a single continuous line.

“I could never draw or paint anything worth looking at, but I’ve always been fascinated by what some people can accomplish if they’re given a simple pen or paintbrush.” Reddit user “renbo” is definitely one of these incredibly gifted artists.

He creates amazing portraits/mazes of celebrities and movie characters by drawing a single intricate line that never crosses itself or end. It’s just one continuous loop that somehow manages to emphasize the subjects’ most important features. In order to make sure his artworks are perfect, renbo says he tries not to lift the pen off the canvas unless his hand gets really fatigued.

Asked how he started doing these unique works of art, renbo said it all began as a way to fight boredom during high-school.

He later started looking through the things he used to draw, and began executing them with a paintbrush. You’d think this kind of complex artworks require lots of planning, but the Reddit user says he mostly wings it, and tries to clear his mind, because if he thinks too much, patterns come out. –OC