Khosa sees institutional imbalance in country

LAHORE - Apparently seeing an imbalance among the state institutions, Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa on Tuesday observed that all institutions should remain in their limits.
“An imbalance among the institutions will harm the country”, he remarked while addressing a certificate distribution ceremony of the 96th Management Course and 11th Senior Management Course at National School of Public Policy on Tuesday.
Later, addressing a book launching ceremony, the governor said only the Parliament had the right to represent the people, which was a supreme institution.
“Please, for God’s sake, don’t take such decisions which the people abhor and the history disapproves”, he remarked, adding, “Neither the judiciary nor dictators have the right to represent the people.”
Expressing reservations over decisions of the apex court, the governor said that that people wanted the kind of justice “which seems to have been dispensed and history records the same in golden words”.  He viewed that SC’s decision to hang Z.A Bhutto was a black nark on the face of the judiciary which must be rectified.
Having said this, the governor hurried to add that PPP had always respected the court decisions and its leaders had been appearing before the courts by addressing the judges as “My Lords”. “We are not the ones who pelted stones at the Supreme Court and declared war on the judiciary”, he further stated in an obvious reference to the famous incident of storming of Supreme Court building by PML-N workers during last tenure of Mian Nawaz Sharif. 
Coming down hard on his political opponents, Khosa said country did not need the leaders who were remnants of martial law and would prefer exile over imprisonment. General Zia’s remnants are still active in politics and whose reflection could also been seen in Articles, 62 and 63 of the Constitution. 
Khosa said democracy was the only way to progress, “as democracy and economy are interlinked”. Governor believed that democracy was the best solution to all crises and issues of the country and the PPP had made an all-out effort for the restoration of the democratic system in the country.
The governor said that martial laws of Gen Zia and Gen Musharraf had harmed the country as the masses were still facing many crises and terrorism but the democratic government of PPP was making efforts to resolve all issues.
Terming the Constitution a great achievement of the PPP, he said the fundamental spirit of the Constitution was that all national policies had to be people-centric and not elite-centric.
“The PPP has started many programmes to eliminate poverty like Benazir Income Support Programme and increased salaries of employees manifold,” he added. 
The governor said the restoration of Pak-Indo cricket relations was a milestone for peace in the region and the Indian prime minister would also visit Pakistan

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