President Pakistan Muslim League-N, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that strong political parties are the true guarantee to the stability of democratic system, and a vibrant and dynamic Muslim League will ensure a robust democracy and a stable Pakistan. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif expressed these views at a meeting of district presidents and general secretaries of Pakistan Muslim League-N from all over Punjab, here today. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that Pakistan Muslim League has performed many unprecedented feats, including strengthening of institutions in Pakistan, independence of judiciary, predominance of constitution and putting the national economy on the road to rapid progress. He said that although, during the previous elections, efforts were made to unjustly keep PML-N leadership away, and on the last day of submission of nomination papers, it could enter into Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif recalled that his nomination papers, along with that of Shahbaz Sharif, were maneuvered to be rejected, but despite such negative tactics, we faced the prevailing conditions with utmost courage, and got representation in three provinces of the country, whereas in one province the government of PML-N was established. He stressed that PML-N has always promoted the politics of higher principles and has rejected the politics of bargaining for the sake of power. He said that many principles promted by PML-N have now become accepted realities, which include restoration of judiciary, rejection of NRO, establishment of impartial election commission, setting up of neutral caretakers governments, evolving transparent methodology for appointment of judges, elimination of dictatorial sections from the constitution and galvanizing the role of parliament in the interest of national honour and dignity. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that, after elections within the PML-N, the leadership of the party has now been handed over to its workers, and now it is their duty to play their vigorous for the solution of peoples’ problems. He said that the workers and party organizations will have to play a fundamental role in selecting candidates of the party in the next general elections, for which they should start formulating their suggestions. He further said that it is the solemn pledge of every PML worker to work for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan, by rising above his personal interests and, instead of hankering after power, we should work for the predominance of higher values in politics and society. The meeting was attended by Shahbaz Sharif, Khawaja Asif, Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa, Ahsan Iqbal, Senator Pervaiz Rashid, Raja Ashfaq Sarwar and Jaffar Iqbal.