LAHORE - The Excise and Taxation (E&T) Department’s new method of transfer of vehicles upholds its corruption culture, adding to motorists’ woes, source said on Tuesday.

According to them, since the E&T department changed the transfer method of vehicles, the corruption has surged and the motorists have been facing deep troubles due to unprecedented delay in the process. The E&T department has introduced a new passport size registration book.

An agent, sitting outside the Farid Kot House, said that thousands of files for transfer purpose were lying pending with the section concerned but not a single file had been processed since the E&T staffers were not aware of the new method.

He said before the introduction of new registration book, a motorcyclist had to pay only Rs500, including graft and government fee, for transfer. But, as per new policy, the motorcyclist has to pay Rs1,800 for the purpose, he said, adding that said that out of Rs500, clerk received Rs250 as government fee while Rs250 as bribe.

The sources said the new process was complicated and costly. Earlier, TO form and transfer deed was required but now the E&T would issue new registration book in the name of new owner.

Another agent said the new registration book was not secure enough to prevent forgery and tampering. There was no signature or stamp of any authority on the book that could be misused easily, he feared, adding that the motorists, who had submitted their files for transfer on July 2, had not got their job done by the E&T staff.

He said though new registration books were being issued to the motorists, no transfer case had been completed. An E&T officer said, “I do not think that this system will serve.”

He said the present system would not be helpful to increase revenue of the department. The E&T staff has received thousands of rupees from stakeholders.

They charged Rs1,200 as transfer fee and Rs1,000 as graft against every 1,000CC vehicle. Similarly, Rs2,000 as transfer fee and Rs1,500 as bribe against vehicle up to 1,300CC, Rs3,000 as transfer fee and Rs2,500 as graft for the vehicle up to 1,800CC and E&T staff receives Rs5,000 as transfer fee and 4,000 as graft against vehicle up to 4000CC. Moreover, a motorist pays Rs200 and Rs100 to the delivery clerk for car and motorcycle respectively. The officer concerned, Akhlaq, was not available for comment.