ISLAMABAD - Once again reiterating the dialogue offer to the estranged elements of Balochistan, Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf on Tuesday made it clear that the government would not let a handful of miscreants to make patriotic people of the province hostage.The prime minister said the people of Pakistan would go an extra mile to redress the grievances of the Baloch masses, adding that the unrest in the province was an internal issue, which would be amicably resolved by the government and people, through ‘collective wisdom’ and by united efforts.He was addressing the participants of a workshop ‘Balochistan situation - Perception and realities, the way forward’ at the National Defence University, which was attended by intellectuals, scholars and media persons.The premier termed turbulence in Balochistan as ‘foreign abetted’ and said the state and people of Pakistan were capable of solving their problems and would assert their sovereign right and independence in dealing with their domestic problems. Raja said unrest in small pockets in Balochistan could not be equated with insurgency, though it could have simmering impact on other areas, if not tackled immediately.He emphasised that situation in Balochistan should be seen in its true perspective, keeping in view its internal and external linkages. “There are not one but many fronts on which we need to fight for the cause of the people of Balochistan,” he said.He said those, who wanted peace in the region, must keep in mind the aspirations of more than 95 per cent people of Balochistan, who were as patriotic as in any other part of the country.He urged the ‘few angry youngsters’ involved in negative activities within the country and abroad, not to fall prey to the intrigues of detractors. “Entire Pakistan is yours, come and talk to your own government. You will not be disappointed.”Raja expressed full faith in holding constructive dialogue and political engagement, which, he said, could steer the province and country out of its present set of problems. The prime minister said the government would do everything to restore peace and security in Balochistan, however, he stressed that “we would not talk to those who are against Pakistan’s sovereignty and Pakistani flag.” He called upon all the stakeholders to keep in mind the larger interest of the nation, which was linked to the future of Balochistan and the country. “Dispassionate” decisions could have impact on the lives of people in the long run,” he observed.He stressed the need for rising above personal interests to empathise with Baloch brothers and find pragmatic solutions for all issues. “What we want to achieve, is actually winning the hearts of our brothers through a solemn and dedicated commitment for their socio-economic uplift.”The prime minister asked national media to refrain from towing the line of foreign media on Balochistan issue, which, he said, was projecting it ‘disproportionately’. He said it was undermining the national solidarity and causing anxiety among the people of Pakistan.He termed socio-economic deprivation as the real issue of Balochistan, which, he regretted, was receiving proportionately little attention from media.He pointed that sectarian killings in the province needed to be seen in context of geo-strategic linkages to the Balochistan issue. He said non-state actors and foreign-sponsored groups under the garb of sectarian cover were fuelling the fire that warranted vigilance at governmental and societal levels.The premier said the democratic government had taken concrete steps to take the people of Balochistan on-board. He mentioned President Asif Ali Zardari’s public apology to the people of Balochistan for the wrongs done to them and a pledge to usher in a new dawn of prosperity in the province.He said the 7th National Finance Commission Award, 18th Amendment and Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan Package were implemented to redress the grievances of Baloch people. Besides, a large number of Baloch youth had been recruited in military and civil sectors, he added.He lauded the role of Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps in promoting and protecting national interests in Balochistan. In addition to generating economic activities, he said the army had opened a number of public schools and cadet colleges in remote areas of the province. He appreciated that Headquarters Southern Command in collaboration with provincial governments was taking care of 4,500 students stationed in Quetta, enrolled from across Balochistan.The premier stressed for laying focus on social sector including education and health-care wherein Balochistan lagged behind due to vast area and lack of resources with respect to the demand.“Balochistan tops the agenda of the present government and we will do everything possible to eliminate the sense of deprivation among our Baloch brothers and sisters,” he added.“I assure the people of Balochistan that your government will continue to reach out to you and would go an extra mile to alleviate your sufferings.”He mentioned several projects including completion of Ratodero Link Road aimed to unleash the real benefit of Gwadar port city and the Katchi canal project to transform agriculture and alleviating poverty.The prime minister said the workshop on Balochistan with its articulated sessions through its recommendations would help the government arrive at workable solutions and viable options to address the problems of Balochistan.He said there might be some bitter things, some shortcomings or excesses, but all these need to be listened with an open heart, with an objective of moving forward.Earlier, NDU President Lt-Gen Agha Umer Farooq greeted the prime minister on his arrival.