LAHORE - PML-N President Nawaz Sharif arrived here from London on Tuesday after completing a 12-day long visit to Germany and England. Party leaders received him at Allama Iqbal International Airport. A lot of work at the party level awaited completion during the party president’s visit abroad.

Nawaz Sharif is to visit Karachi on July 19 for a function organised in connection with the alliance of PML-N and the Sindh United Party in addition to meeting with various leaders who will announce joining the PML-N.

On returning, Nawaz Sharif was briefed by Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar on party matters and the interaction with PPP on the consensus of the caretaker set up and the nomination of the caretaker prime minister.

On returning from Karachi, Sharif will finalise party manifesto, organisational matters and others relating to the general elections.

The party is keeping a close eye on the developments which are taking place and the political landscape as a result of the judicial decision vis-à-vis writing the letter to the Swiss authorities.

The PML-N will also meet soon to work out a line of action in the event another prime minister, in the current term, is sent packing for not obeying court order.

Sources say the party leadership is alarmed at the rumours rife in the diplomatic quarters in Islamabad about democratic process of being rolled back due to adamant attitude of the PPP.

The party is trying to reach all opposition parties to build pressure on the government to announce date for fresh election before that eventuality.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan, he said, has also categorically stated to uphold democracy.

He said his party strongly believes that if caretaker set up and the name of interim prime minister, along with the date of elections is announced as early as possible, it will go a long way to avoid any chaotic situation and to keep the democracy on track.