RAWALPINDI - Scores of citizens, mostly traders, staged a violent protest demonstration at the 6th Road against the excessive laodsheeding by blocking the busiest Benazir Bhutto Road (BBH) for hours and smashing windowpanes of private vehicles here on Tuesday.

On getting information, a heavy contingent of police reached the spot and baton-charged the angry mob. Some protestors also retaliated with pelting the police force with stones.

The irate protestors, carrying placards and banners, set the tyres to fire in the middle of the road and chanted slogans against the government and WAPDA officials.

According to details, a large number of residents of the area and traders gathered at 6th Road on BBH and blocked the vehicular movement for traffic by torching the tyres and other stuff. Holding bamboo sticks and rods, the charged protestors also damaged public transport, vehicles and signals on the road.

Reportedly, many ambulances carrying patients in different hospitals of the city got stuck in heavy traffic rush caused by a huge mess of protestors, posing hardships for commuters as well.

A scuffle also took place between police and protestors when the former tried to disperse the later. The police baton-charged the protestors while they hit police with stones.

Muhammad Naheed, a trader, said that WAPDA suspended the electricity of shopping malls and plazas owing to which the traders were suffering a lot. He said that he had a mobile shop and his business was going in loss.

He appealed to the WAPDA high ups to restore the electricity of the business centers.

“We cannot sleep during night without electricity. Our children cry when mosquito bite them in the absence of fans. WAPDA should end power outage,” Hanif Khan, a resident said.

After 3 hours, the protestors dispersed opening road for traffic.