PESHAWAR – Leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf from Fata and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have called upon the government to dissociate itself from the ‘so-called’ war on terror, as it has been imposed by the United States, and ensure large-scale political and administrative reforms in the tribal areas.

“The government should follow the unanimous resolution of the parliament regarding drone attacks and must provide security to their citizens from foreign invaders,” they said while addressing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf sponsored Loya Jirga here at Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday. Notable speakers included PTI provincial leader Asad Qaiser, Dost Mohammad Khan, Ahmad Zeb Mashood, Gul Zafar, Malik Dawood Mohmand, tribal elders from different agencies and others. 

The speakers said that the prolonged US tyranny oppressed the social fabric of the tribal society. They added that tribal areas were turned into a battlefield for the last one decade so that the US could stay pleased with the rulers. “We are peaceful tribesmen. We are not terrorists,” they maintained, adding that tribal people played a pivotal role to protect the borders for the last three decades.

Despite the huge sacrifices, they said, the tribal people faced disappointing situation at the hands of western powers and their alliance. “Our rulers are made puppet before the western world, as they gain their vested interests and appease foreign mentors,” they added. “Tribal people will never compromise on the solidarity and integrity of the country, and will continue playing a role for protection of borders without any benefit and incentive,” the speakers said. They demanded an end to US drone hits and sending back the military to barracks, as they said it was imperative for lasting peace and stability in tribal region.

Tribal elders asked the government to take firm stance about the CIA-sponsored drones in Fata and immediately quit alliance with western powers in the ongoing war against terrorism.

“A special package for Fata should be announced on pattern of Balochistan Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan’ to remove the sense of deprivation in the tribal society,” they demanded. They further demanded repealing of Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR), Action in Aid for Civil Power Regulation, to ensure all basic human rights in Fata.

Speaking at the Grand Jirga Asad Qaiser has expressed grave concern over the killing of innocent tribesmen, including women and children, in the ongoing military operations and drone attacks in the tribal region. He said that tribal people were compelled to take shelter in temporary facility due the prevailing situation in their respective areas. He said that PTI Chairman, Imran Khan promised that when his party would come to power, it would remove the sense of deprivation of tribal masses. PTI, he said, will take proactive steps for ending drone attacks and the prolonged military operations in Fata.

Dost Mohammad said that the drone attacks were against the sovereignty and integrity of the country, which must be halted. He added the peace could not be resorted in presence of security forces in tribal region.

He asked the government to immediate stop the ongoing operations, and take active steps for development of the tribal areas. “We need to take firm stance on the drone attacks”, he stressed, and called upon the government to revisit the decision about the restoration of Nato supply route, which could further maneuvered the situation in Fata.  Iqbal Afridi from Khyber Agency said that government had failed to bring lasting peace in tribal areas, saying that the force was not solution of the problems, and all issues should be settled by negotiation and talks, he stressed.

At the end an eight-point declaration also unanimous adopted seeking immediate stoppage of drone attacks and military operations, and extension of incentive in shape of special package to Fata.