ISLAMABAD - Traffic problems in the twin cities have aggravated due to the negligence of concerned authorities, which pay no heed to address the traffic related issues.

According to details, during last few years, number of vehicles plying on different roads of the federal capital has significantly increased resulting into traffic problems. The situation speaks volumes about the traffic management of the authorities.

Hundred of commuters who come from Rawalpindi to access their offices face severe traffic problems. The public transport vehicles of different routes plying between Express highway, Blue area and Peshawar Mor create traffic jams as their drivers park the vehicles right in the middle of road to pick passengers.

This practice creates hurdle in smooth flow of traffic. It is observed that motorists continue to drive without turning on headlights even after sunset and nobody checks or ticket them.

Similarly, many vehicles of route no 101 plying from Pirwadhai to Faisal Mosque are in poor condition with broken lights and poor infrastructure but running with out any check from the authorities, which is very unfortunate. This phenomenon reflects the outstanding performance of the concerned authorities. Arsalan Shahid, a commuter, told this agency that the current traffic problems are due to mismanagement of civic agency, which failed to implement its master plan for the federal capital. He said that the CDA is bound to construct signal-free roads, whereas, it has constructed only a few underpasses so far.

On one hand the CDA had failed to construct roads in time, and on the other, the roads that they had constructed, were creating traffic problem due to poor road engineering. “If CDA constructs underpasses on busy intersections and expedite work on different ongoing projects, the traffic problems could be minimised to a great extent,” Shahid added. The commuters have demanded of authorities concerned to check these hazards to smooth traffic flow and avoid accidents.

Meanwhile, most of the public transport vehicles on route from Peshawar Mor to Saidpur Model Village are running without legal permit. This points out the alleged connivance of Islamabad Traffic Police and Secretary RTA in allowing the vehicles run without a permit.

According to details, out of 60 vehicles running from Peshawar More to Saidpur Model Village, only about 20 vehicles have got the transport permit, while the remaining bribe the administration getting permission to operate on route.

Sources told this agency the concerned authorities are well aware of the whole matter but they do not take any action against the prevalent state of affairs.  Secretary RTA, Islamabad, and spokesperson of Islamabad Traffic Police were contacted to take their stance but they could not be reached.