KARACHI - The Wapda has sought allocation of water from Sindh government for its proposed 747MW power plant being established on River Indus near Guddu. Sindh Irrigation Minister said this during a press conference after presiding over Indus River Commission meeting at the Sindh Secretariat on Tuesday. Provincial minister Jam Saifullah Dharejo said that soon after the demand of Wapda they had convened the meeting of the Indus River Commission, which comprised chief engineers and other senior officials of irrigation department and its consultants to review the matter. A committee has been formed to review the demand of Wapda, which needs water from river for cooling its power plants and other operations in order to generate the power from thermal gas. Not only the authority will get water from River Indus, but after cooling its plants will dispose back the same in river by cutting the dyke of River Indus. The minister added that the contract for propsed power plant has been given to a Chinese company. He said that not only Wadpa, but Sui Southern Gas Company had also requested Irrigation Department seeking approval to cross a pipe through a river dyke in Dadu district. The Irrigation Department has asked the SSGC to wait the approval of River Indus Commission because the process can only be initiated by cutting the dyke in the concerned areas. The commission will not make any decision in haste and look into all aspects before giving permission to the gas company, he added. The minister also expressed reluctance to take action against the Punjab government on the water theft and adding that “Punjab being an upper riparian is involved in water theft by getting the extra water from Sindh’s share. Despite our repeated complaints, no action has been taken so far. We are powerless in some matters and can nothing, but only protest on the same,” he said adding that Indus River System Authority will make decision about the share of water to be provided to Islamabad. He said that all provincial governments had been asked to allocate share of water for Islamabad. In this regard we will accept whatever decision the IRSA made. Dharejo said that Karachi was also a economic hub, where people belonging to all provinces were living for many years. The Sindh government has demanded the other three provincial governments to allocate share from their water resources for Karachi city under the pattern of Islamabad. Telling about the ongoing project, the irrigation minister said that the his department had also decided to enhance the capacity of Sukkur and Guddu barrages. In this connection, the department has started consultation with different stakeholders including water experts. He added that 70 per cent irrigation system of Sindh depends on Sukkur barrage and rest of the other needs are fulfilled by Guddu and Kotri barrages. Dharejo further said that 80 years had been lapsed but no concrete efforts had been made to work on Sukkur barrage. “We want to enhance its capacity and strengthen the barrage to fulfill the water needs for next 50 years,” he added.