BAHAWALPUR   -   In connection with the anti-dengue campaign, various activities are being conducted at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB), on the directive of Vice-Chancellor IUB, Engr. Prof. Dr Athar Mahboob. Chief Medical Officer Dr Muhammad Usman Cheema on Sunday said that these activities had started in connection with the anti-dengue campaign at the institute. He said that the initial symptoms of dengue fever were severe fever and body pain due to which there was no appetite, pain starts behind the eyes and spreads to another side of the head. Such spots appear on the body which appears in measles. Breathing is difficult and the patient goes into a state of shock due to severe abdominal pain in addition to pallor, he added.  Dr Cheema suggested that the patient should be given plenty of juices, soups, and milk along with a normal diet and should be given complete rest.  Regarding preventive measures in this regard, he recommended that houses, offices, and shops should be cleaned and sprayed with mosquito repellents two to three times a week. Dengue mosquito breeds in clean water, so containers for collecting clean water such as pitchers, drums, tanks, etc. should be properly covered.  He further said that coils, mats, lotions, and mosquito nets should also be used to prevent mosquitoes. Do not allow water to collect on roofs, plant beds, pots, old pots, and tires inside the houses.  Meanwhile, cleaning and spraying arrangements are being made in all teaching and administrative departments, hostels, and colonies. During the rainy season, all the places where water can stand are closed and water tanks are being covered. Special instructions have been issued to prevent spillage of water from room coolers, air conditioners, and refrigerators. Sanitation staff has been instructed not to allow water to collect in case of rain, to clean roofs, and to arrange for disposal of garbage.