HYDERABAD - Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon, on Sunday, said that illegal immigrants cannot reside in the province and that the provincial and federal governments would take steps to expel them.

Addressing a press conference at Hyderabad circuit house, Mr Memon said a few miscreants had tried to disrupt the peace after Mr Kaka’s murder.

Talking about police’s action against those involved in violence, the minister said 28 suspects have been arrested while police and Rangers have been given “full authority” to take action against saboteurs.

He added that Sindh police chief has written to the FIA to act against those who spread hate through social media.

Separately, country’s various left-wing and left-leaning parties condemned the killing and the following violence and attacks on Pashtun-owned hotels and businesses. The declaration, signed by 13 parties, while demanding thorough probe into the killing and arrest of all accused nominated in the FIR also censured the inability of the provincial and federal governments to curb the violence.

Meanwhile, Natio¬na¬¬list parties continued to place the blame for the violence and strife in Sindh on “foreigners” and “illegal immigrants”, saying that they were disrupting the peace and have demanded their repatriation from the province.

The demands were raised in the meeting of Sindh Action Committee (SAC), a group comprising various nationalists parties, in Jamshoro to chalk out a strategy in the wake of this situation which has risen after the killing. Demanding the arrest of Bilal Kaka’s killers, who was murdered in a brawl at a hotel in Hyderabad a few days ago, the parties asked the government to arrest those involved in violence and arson, as well who they claimed were “Afghan nationals residing in the province”.

They also sought “effective legislation” to deny identity cards, domiciles and property ownership rights to immigrants arriving in Sindh from other parts of the country for employment purposes.

Nationalist leaders continue to blame ‘foreigners’ for Sindh strife

The nationalist leaders claimed that the influx of a large number of immigrants was part of “a conspiracy to turn native Sindhis into a minority”.

The meeting also demanded the withdrawal of a bill, passed by the Sindh Assembly, to regularise katchi abadis and other settlements in the province.

The meeting, headed by convener Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah, was attended by Dr Qadir Magsi, Abdul Khaliq Junejo, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Riaz Ali Chandio, Lal Shah, Masroor Shah, Arbab Bheel and others.

Addressing the meeting, Mr Palijo lamented that no action was taken against the miscreants who maltreated families in buses at Sohrab Goth during the violence two days ago.

He said that “disharmony and conflict were being thrust upon people of Sindh,” and urged them to remain peaceful.

Talking to journalists after the meeting, Mr Shah called Afghan refugees “a security threat” and demanded their immediate repatriation.

He added that nationalist leaders had decided not to hold any talks with the Sindh government unless concrete steps were taken to address their concerns. Separately, PTI leader Haleem Adil Shaikh and Sindh United Party president Syed Zain met in Jamshoro where the two leaders echoed similar sentiments.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Mr Sheikh demanded the government to repatriate all foreigners to their native areas, calling it “the only solution” to allay the ethnic strife in the province.

Meanwhile, Sindh ANP president Shahi Syed also held meetings with SUP chairman Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah in Jamshoro to discuss the situation.