LARKANA - Instead of accepting just demands of Anti-Encroachment officials of Larkana who protested three days ago here for provision of required essential facilities, the Director, Sindh Anti-Encroachment Ghulam Murtaza Tabasum, has suspended the protesting officials of Larkana and has also ordered an inquiry against them. Five officials of Larkana Anti-Encroachment office held a protest demonstration three days ago here for granting all the required facilities to carry out their legal and moral duties.  Those suspended were ASI Amjad Hyder Sangi, Sajid Ali, Bilawal Khan, Muhammad Chuttal and Yasir Ali but their boss instead of accepting their just demands ignored their protest and became angry as to how they dared to hold a demo which has exposed his misdeeds of not providing required facilities in Larkana which also include establishment of a station from where they can operate freely against habitual land grabbers.