Protestors block road over locals’ arrests in Tirah Valley

KHYBER  -  The Tirah-Tarkho Kas road was blocked in protest against the arrest of residents by the security forces in the Sukh area, Tirah Valley, Khyber district on Monday. It should be noted that the security forces had apprehended ten individuals during a search operation carried out after an explosive blast in the area.

The protesters held placards demanding the release of their relatives and chanted slogans criticizing the government’s ineffective policies for restoring peace in Tirah Valley. They stated that their demonstration aimed to express their grievances to the security agencies regarding the injustices committed against them.

The authorities are accused of deliberately disrupting the peaceful environment in Tirah Valley by conducting unnecessary search operations and detaining innocent residents. They warned that if their fellow tribesmen were not released, they would be left with no choice but to start an indefinite protest. According to the residents, the road closure has significantly added to the hardships faced by travellers.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt