3 stone crushers sealed over rules violation

ABBOTTABAD-The district administration on Friday while taking notice of environmental pollution by stone crushers, sealed three stone crush plants and served notices to many others.
Assistant Commissioner Saqlian Salim visited the sites of stone crush plants in villages Dhodiyal, Bambilian, Achar, Gamawan, Rawalakot, Mira and Kajh Bandhi.
He witnessed the damages to the houses due to uncontrolled blasting by the crush plants, emission of smoke and dust, use of heavy trucks for carrying the materials and unavailability of protective kits for the workers.
The AC noticed that the crush plants were not having any water shower system to control dust and smoke which was causing respiratory and other diseases to local people. Similarly there was no proper way to dispose of the waste material.
The AC sealed three crush plants including Hazara Stone Crushers, Black Diamond Stone Crushers, Qazi Hamas Stone Crushers under KP Civil Administration, Public Service Delivery and Good Governance Act 2020 and issued notices to several other crush plants to implement SOPs.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt