Present economic crisis

It seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel. From the government to the common man, everyone is looking for a remedy, but nothing is in sight. Both thought there would be a new moon on the horizon. Right now, inflation is working like a black hole and swallowing the hard earn money of hardworking and honest countrymen. Pakistani currency has lost its power, price hiking has become a norm of the day and if one is interested to see the dark side of the coin, a heartbroken situation can easily be seen.

Being the biggest stakeholder of the country, the foremost responsibility lies on the shoulder of the incumbent government to get rid of the country from this situation. An adage says, if there is a will, there is a way. Some suggestions are being given here to address the issue. A “country fund” should be formed under the supervision of the Supreme Court. As an initiative and trust-building measure, the top landlord and industrialists-cum politicians should donate one-fourth of their earnings. Overseas Pakistanis may also be requested to generously donate to that fund. Imported food items, garments and tobacco should be taxed as an extra fifty percent under this fund. Landlords having 500 or more square yards, may be brought into the net of ten percent extra property tax under that fund. Three lakh rupees monthly earner may be asked to pay an extra five percent under the same fund. Business communities should be taxed according to the volume of their business turnout. There is always room to improve the quality of argument so I do hope some sane voices may contribute to giving a better structure to the above-mentioned views.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt