Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said that the looters have mortgaged the country to save their assets and inflicted inflation on the people but together we will decide the future course of action on Sunday.

He said this in his meeting with party spokespersons. During the meeting, former federal minister Hamad Azhar was congratulated for his hard work to get Pakistan out of FATF and bring this milestone to Pakistan, and tributes were also paid to the members and officers of the FATF Coordinating Committee.

The meeting also reviewed the nationwide protests over electricity, oil, and gas prices, while matters relating to inflation and imported govt also came under discussion.

Imran Khan said that the party’s future strategy will be decided in tomorrow’s (Sunday) protest against inflation, adding that the incumbent rulers have increased the burden on the people of Pakistan by rising petrol prices.

“These people don’t care about the underprivileged class,” he said, reiterating that the PTI would not tolerate ‘oppression’ on the people of Pakistan and would decide the future course of action together with the nation in tomorrow’s [Sunday] protest.

The PTI chairman said that his government was shielding its people from the pandemic and global inflation all at once.

The former prime minister said that the ‘oppressors’ could not stop the people from raising their voices for their rights. “The events of last two months have fully revealed the motives of each character of the conspiracy,” he added.

“The incumbent rulers are subjecting the institutions to the worst destruction to keep themselves in power,” Imran Khan said, warning that the situation would become worst if the economy was further destabilized.