A cultural transformation

By looking at various trends gaining popularity in Pakistan, one can easily conclude that we are fast becoming a victim of cultural imperialism. Various fads and fashions are being promoted in Pakistan in the name of liberty and modernity. Our people are getting unduly inclined towards the Indian and western culture. Granted that English is a world language now that is obligatory to learn for effective communication but we have turned it into a symbol of supremacy. Western snacks are becoming a part of our way of life and we have completely forgotten the Saag, Makai ki Roti and Lassi. Our fashions in apparel are also westernised with the national dress, Shalwar-kameez being worn only in the lower classes. Our people are becoming more and more 'brand conscious'. Inspirations from other cultures are greatly affecting our language Urdu, so much so that even Hindi words are now being commonly used in our everyday conversations. With the launch of private T.V entertainment channels, our Indo-Islamic culture is losing its uniqueness as they highlight and glamourise Indo-western culture of Basant and Valentine's Day. The tele-dramas are playing a major role in this transformation. -MARIA ILYAS KHAN BALOCH, Lahore, via e-mail, March 5.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt