Democracy lost in Senate election: Fazlur Rehman

Rules out differences among MMA leadership, Asserts CoD needs to be implemented even today

MULTAN - Chief of his own faction of JUI-F Maulana Fazlur Rehman warned on Saturday that the trend observed during the recent Senate election will cause a serious decline in people’s trust in democracy.

“The democracy has lost in the country in this election. If the same situation persists, people will lose trust in democracy,” he added while talking to the media here at Jamia Qasimul Uloom.

He said that democratic process got defeated in Senate election while opportunists succeeded in achieving their goals. He argued that Senate election was held under a process but the scenes seen during this election were not good.

To a question on election of opposition leader in the Upper House, he said that nothing is clear as yet but the situation would get clear once consultation is completed. To another query, he said that the JUI-F was not part of Charter of Democracy between the PML-N and PPP but ARD was part of it. “However, when this accord was signed, we welcomed it,” he pointed out. He said that the CoD was implemented during the PPP regime and the politics of reconciliation was seen but it was unfortunate that now immoral trends were seen in politics. He said that in his opinion the CoD was the agreement to promote democratic norms and that’s why the JUI-F believes that the CoD needed to be implemented even today. He said that a serious decline in political norms was seen in national politics during last few years and his party believes that both the two big political parties of the country should implement the CoD.

Responding to a question regarding show hurling and ink throwing incidents, he said that it was political misconduct and cheap act which was neither permitted by the law nor any moral standards. He added that if someone abused others in retaliation of abuses, it would be anything but ideological politics. He warned that no one would be safe if the same situation continued to prevail.

To a query, he said that the leadership of MMA is united and those talking of differences are merely doing propaganda. He said that the Election Commission has cancelled the registration of some parties, which were part of MMA, and they have moved Supreme Court against this decision. “As soon as this process is accomplished, we’ll file application with the election commission for the registration of MMA,” he declared. He said that the MMA would contest 2018 election whatsoever.

Haideri for law to end horse-trading

Former Senate deputy chairman and JUI-F secretary general Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri has said that a constitutional amendment is needed to block the way of horse-trading and corruption in Senate election.

“The senators should also be elected directly like members of assemblies as it is the only way to prevent buying and selling of senators during election,” he added while talking to the journalists here at Qasimul Uloom on Saturday.

He said that the chairman and deputy chairman of Senate would have to act upon principles set during his time in office as his era was a good time.

He said that the JUI-F voted for PML-N candidates in the Senate election but negative propaganda is being made against JUI-F and the party does not need to give any clarification on it.

“If PML-N got less votes, they should check their own ranks and keep eye on their members,” he asserted. He said that the JUI-F utilised its votes in light with the adjustment it made with the N-League.

He said that the Nawaz-League should investigate into what happened in Punjab and Balochistan. He proposed to the PML-N to do legislation if they want to block the way of horse-trading.

He said that the remarkable steps like creation of Yadgaar-e-Shuhada and museum, library, gallery with the portraits of creators of 1973 constitution, discipline, removal of quorum issue and legislation were taken while he served as deputy chairman.

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