Bilal Abbas raises the bar of acting in ‘Cheekh’

LAHORE-Pakistani Television Industry has been booming in the recent years, with a lot of emerging stars making their debuts.  However, only few of them have managed to leave a mark and create waves with their exceptional talent.

Bilal Abbas Khan is one of those lucky performers who have grabbed tremendous love and support from their fans in very little time.  His performances in O Rangreza, Qurbaan, Rasm-e-Dunya and the recently wrapped Balaa have definitely set him apart from his counterparts.

We have previously watched him in diverse roles with a positive persona, but this guy has shown a remarkable shift, with his antagonist role in Cheekh!

The drama is already 10 episodes down, and shows a brutal face of our society where women are not expected to speak up against injustice and harassment.

Since the very beginning, Bilal has stolen the show with his extraordinary expressions and on point dialogues.

We have seen Bilal as Wajih, quickly transitioning from the kind, soft-spoken guy to a heartless and immoral individual who killed his wife-to-be because she had the nerve to slap him for trying to harass her.

His character, woven in intrigue and lacking empathy, with a smirk on his face, is strong enough to spark hatred among the viewers. This is by far one of the best performances of Bilal Abbas Khan and this is reflected in the immense response this drama is getting. The latest episode of the drama has received more than 1.9 Million views on YouTube alone.

Not forgetting the persistent requests of the people to air double episodes every week because Bilal is actually that good. While talking about his own views regarding the play, Bilal claimed that he signed this project because he wanted to bring this social issue into attention.

While people are predicting that Bilal Abbas Khan is another star in the making, we believe that he is already a stellar. We definitely can´t wait to see more of him in the next episodes of Cheekh!


ePaper - Nawaiwaqt