Facebook plans to add $1,000 to the next paycheck of its full-time employees and ensure that they all get biannual bonuses to support families amid the coronavirus outbreak, media reported.

The social media giant has roughly 45,000 workers eligible for the payouts, according to The Wall Street Journal, which cites an internal memo obtained on Tuesday.

This is just one among several measures announced by Facebook in response to the pandemic. The company also unveiled plans to provide $100 million in cash and advertising credits to 30,000 eligible small businesses in more than 30 countries where it operates.

Most Facebook employees have already started working from home. The company is also sending its contractors home with pay, the report said.

US authorities are also considering payouts to support households and sustain consumer demand. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Tuesday said the federal government may start sending checks in the mail to Americans over the next two weeks.