Smoking crisis

Pakistan is currently grappling with various economic chal­lenges, and smoking represents a significant issue among them. It stands as a pressing concern, im­pacting the country’s residents greatly. Smoking has become per­vasive, with addiction prevalent across the nation. Pakistan could potentially become the world’s most addicted country. 

Each year, a substantial portion of the population falls victim to smoking-related illnesses, yet un­fortunately, the government has failed to address this alarming issue effectively. The persistent prevalence of smoking poses se­vere difficulties for a significant portion of the country’s popula­tion and leads to numerous fatali­ties. The federal government must take decisive action to address this issue seriously. 

Smoking presents a major ob­stacle to the country’s develop­ment. Therefore, it is crucial for the government to raise public awareness and implement strong measures against tobacco sellers to resolve this issue promptly.



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