At least 15 militants were killed while two police officials martyred and five other injured after more than 100 militants stormed a security check post in suburban area of Peshawar. Sources said that more than 100 Taliban militants stormed Sarband security check post in a pre-dawn attack with rockets launchers and light artillery fire. The attackers also lobbed hand grenades on the post resultantly killing two officials and injuring five others. The police also retaliated and the gun battle continued for more than four hours. At least 15 militants were killed during the intense fighting while others fled away from the scene leaving behind the bodies of their companions. The said check post also came under attack on late Tuesday night but the attack was repulsed forcing the militants to flee from the scene. It should be mentioned that Sarband checkpoint was recently set up to protect Peshawar from increasing bomb attacks by militants against security forces. The fight between the security forces and the militants came less than 24 hours after the army arrested Al-Qaeda operative Muhammad Ali Qasim Yaqub alias Abu Sohaib al-Makki in Karachi. According to official sources Al-Makki was working directly under Al-Qaeda leaders along the Pak-Afghan border.