The so-called democratic government of Pakistan by the democratically electedpeople has terribly failed and there appears to be no governance at all.It is a matterof shame and pity that the presentrulershave spent over three years in the government and yet they have not been able to produce any worth while results. The common man is still looking for roti, kapra and makan.Providing cheap and quick justice to the poor massesby the government is still a far cry. After over 3 years of the governance, the government still keeps blaming the previous government for the presentstate of the affairs i.e unemployment, inflation, bad law and order situation, sky rocketing prices, loadshedding, rampant corruption in each department etc. I think there is a need to constitute yet another commission to analyse what is wrong and recommendways and means to improve the system. Presently, everyone is onhis own and there is no one to check things going wrong. The sons, wives and relatives of big shots are making money to get any job done from the government in the shape of commissions or kickbacks. Big contracts are awarded to only those who have obliged our high ups or promise a fat money in return.Before such commission is formed and their recommendations are ignoredor thrown in the dustbin, I havesome suggestions for the rulers if they are serious about saving the country from total collapse and to ensure good governance:- First, carry out accountability of everyone who really matters. The top men should first present themselves. The proverb of to catch a thief set a thief will be very useful. Once you catch a corrupt man, he would tell who else is also corrupt and his shareholder. All know each others weak points. The National Accountabilty Commission should comprise of men having unblemished character with impeccable qualities. There are many such people in our country who cannot be bought. I know it is a most difficult task as in our society 99% people are corrupt. Second, all key posts should be advertised and only those with adequate qualifications and experience be appointed on these posts. These key peopleshould submit progress of their department to the Planning Commission of Pakistan on six monthly basis. No jugglery of figures be allowed as is being done in our Annual Budget by the Finance Minister to befool the nation. Third, department of Anti Corruption should be replaced by devising system of checks and balancesin each department, starting from presidents house. Anybody should be free to report corrupt practices in any department with proper evidence and the Chief Justice should take a suo moto notice of all such cases. If proved correct, exemplary punishments like dismissal from the service after making good the lossincurred to the government exchequer be awarded. Fourth, tax evasion should be declared a major crime. In this, the tax lawyers are the mainculprits who in league with the tax department save the big shots from paying the actual tax. They are expert in making false income statements. Such lawyers should, if caught should lose their licence to practice or be black listed. Fifth, to check high prices, middle man should be eliminated who always makes windfall profits. Farmers may be facilitated to bring their goods direct to the markets. The government should establish sale points for them. I have not mentioned anything new inmy suggestions. The rulers know very well what is right and what is wrong. But they have always preferred self interest before the national interest which is violation of their oath. Faisal Saleh Hayat once very rightly said that the rulers (now he is also a part of the ruling dispensation)have one mandate Lutto te Phutto. But let mewarn the people in the government who are amassing wealth by illegal means that Allah the Almighty has his own ways of dispensing justice for such people in the shape of death by disgrace, disease in family, accidents,etc. So fear Gods wrath, mend your ways and get down to honest working by cleansing all the systems. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, May 15.