LAHORE Future of five children has become darken after their eloped mother was killed by her daily wager husband near Farooq Park in Shalimar Police precincts a few days back, leaving numerous question marks on such marriages and ties. Police investigators associated with the case said the scene, which was created after her death, was itself a horrible for the locals and the police as none of the people of surrounding areas owned the children instead they suggested to shift them to Darul Aman. The minor children including four girls were seen weeping and themselves wiping their tears rolling down on their cheeks as no neighbour was familiar to them in the locality. The moving scenes of five weeping minors gripped the hearts of the residents of Shalimar Area. As per details, a 22-year-old girl Ruksana was eloped from any area of Punjab and took shelter at a home owned by Syed family at a village Jasso Saran, Taanda Police Station, Gujrat, some 15 years back. Later, the family married her to one Mohammad Afzal, also the resident of the same area. After their marriage the couple arrived in the Punjab Capital and started residing at rented houses located in various parts of the City, In-charge investigation Inspector Munawar Hussain commented when contacted. He said the accused Mohammad Afzal worked as a tonga driver, rickshaw driver and also Paan supplier in order to meet his both ends. Meanwhile they had five children including Areej, 12, Jawaria, 10, Khadija, 6, Ahmed, 4, and Nayyab, 2. With the course of time, the couple developed differences on various issues including alleged suspicious activities of the woman and engaged in quarrels on petty disputes. Resultantly, Ruksana started demanding divorce but the man who was entirely confused because of his children flatly refused to do so for their better future. According to his statement, his wife attempted to murder him several times after giving him sleeping pills but he remained aware of her nefarious activities, Munawar added. A day before the incident, they again quarrelled and the woman made a phone call on Emergency Police 15 but the couple was reconciled by the police concerned. However, the infuriated man tortured his wife to death on the very day by hitting her head with a brick while the children packed with fear cried for help but to no avail. The woman died on the spot while Afzal fled the crime scene after picking his son Ahmed in his rickshaw. Meanwhile, police reached the spot and saw the dreadful scene of weeping children with no moral support, and even no financial help for the funeral of their mother. We were astonished when the owner of the home, urged us to shift the children to Darul Aman and vacate his home immediately, Civil Lines Police Division SP Investigation Cap (r) Liaqat Ali Malik said. The SP said none of the neighbours knew about the background of the ill-fated children, however, the police traced and arrested the killer from his friends home located at Sultanpura in Misri Shah Police area, who later confessed to his crime saying his wife was allegedly involved in immoral activities. The children were later handed over to their grand parents.