ISLAMABAD - The Early Recovery Working Group (ERWG) has prioritised the needs of the most vulnerable and the funding gap to meet the critical humanitarian needs at around $ 570m. According to the latest update issued on Tuesday by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), as many as 2.47 million households were affected by last years flash floods and 60 per cent households were without main source of livelihoods. An income decline of 53 per cent was also reported. Over 5.6 million people were food insecure, 1,355 public service buildings and facilities were destroyed and 8 million people needed access to health care. Out of 1.5 million registered households, 8 per cent were headed by women, UNDP reported. Of the 1.3 million affected people, 150,765 were vulnerable children, 120,038 elderly were at risk and 87,160 persons were found with disabilities.