WASHINGTON (AFP) - Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilanis visit to China, which he declared his countrys best friend, makes it harder to sell an angry US public on aid to Islamabad, a key US senator said Tuesday. Frankly, Im getting tired of it, and I think Americans are getting tired of it as far as shoveling money in there at people who just flat dont like us, said Republican Senator James Risch. Continued aid to Pakistan, Risch argued, was a hard sell to the American people when cash-strapped Washington sends assistance to Islamabad, only to see the head of Pakistan go to China and... stand up and say 'youre our best friend. Asked at the hearing about the visit, former White House national security adviser Jim Jones said Washington must work to ensure that Gilanis visit to China does not worsen his countrys already strained India ties. If any part of Pakistan thinking is that better relations with China make India mad, and thats therefore a good thing to do, then thats flawed thinking, said Jones. We need to try to ensure that we can make sure that relations dont get worse as a result of this kind of trip and this kind of rhetoric, said Jones. Jones also said Washington must strive to convince countries like China, Brazil and India that with this great economic power that theyre about to have, and already have in some cases, there comes some great responsibilities in terms of making the world a better place.