PESHAWAR Condemning the US Abbottabad operation and expressing full confidence in Pakistan Army and Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), speakers at a conference urged the govt to review the foreign policy of the country, particularly in terms of relations with the US. We accept apology of Pakistan Army and ISI, said the speakers at the conference organised by All Pakistan Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan League here on Tuesday. Those who spoke in the conference included former deputy speaker NWFP assembly Ikramullah Shahid, Dr Salahuddin and President All Pakistan Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan League Muhammad Moazzam Butt. They said the high-ups of Pakistan Army and ISI had already sought apology from the nation for security lapse during Abbottabad operation by American forces. They said the US was more developed country in technology than other countries in the world but the 9/11 incident was also a security lapse despite the presence of modern system. However, they added the Pakistani forces had the ability to hit the drones. Criticising the rulers, the speakers alleged that they had compromised on the interest of Pakistani nation while protecting the interest of US. They said America wanted to destabilise and disintegrate Pakistan on different pretexts. We the entire nation, are united for the protection of our country and no one even can imagine to attack Pakistan, they determined and added that the Pakistani has foiled every conspiracy hatched against our country but it is need of the hour to support nation institutions, which always render sacrifices for the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan. In the conference, resolutions were also presented which state, Under Article 245 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973, the Armed Forces shall defend Pakistan against external aggression of threat of war, however they are bound to do so under the directions of Federal Government. It said the military operation carried out by US government on May 2, 2011 on the soil of Pakistan is regarded as violation of sovereignty of Pakistan. It urged the people to stand side by side with army to defend country in future against any foreign aggression. It said the incident of 9/11 was a test of the nerves of Americans. After that they adopted the measures to defend their country form any domestic of foreign aggression or act of terrorism. It said that similarly, the Abbottabad operation provided an opportunity to the people of Pakistan to stand united, review and revisit their foreign policy and foreign relation. The armed forces of Pakistan are the most competent forces who deserve complete respect and support of the people of Pakistan and the manner in which they have made interaction with the Parliament is appreciable, it added.