You could be forgiven for thinking you are seeing shots from a modern day version of Wind in the Willows being acted out. But, rather than Toad of Toad Hall setting off on another adventure, this is actually Neil Tuckett setting off on a historic trip with friend Jamie Davidson. The pair is following in the tracks of pioneering Edinburgh car dealer, Henry Alexander, to reach the top of Ben Nevis - Britains highest mountain - in five days. They set off 100 years to the day, in 1911, to try and get to the summit, some 1,344metres (4,409 ft) above sea level. The original trip took place to prove the ruggedness of the Model T and the route led over boulders and through snow drifts. A specially made version of the car set off on its way to the top after being shipped there from Buckinghamshire in pieces. It will drive way half way up the mountain and will then be taken to pieces before being carried to the top in bits and being reassembled at the top. 'Its something thatll turn peoples heads, bring a smile to the faces and generally bring a bit of cheer when everyone is miserable, organiser Iain Blyth told the Edinburgh Evening News. 'Its 100 years on from that day, and its something the people here are very proud of. Three generations of his [Alexanders] family will be here. 'It was a huge thing at the time. Henry Ford himself even heard about it and gave his appreciation. MO