A latest report issued by the World Bank (WB) said that Indonesia is among the six emerging economies that will lead the world's economy with more than half of all global growth by 2025, local media reported here on Wednesday. The other five economies stated in the report, Global Development Horizons 2011--Multipolarity: The New Global, were Brazil, China, India, South Korea and Russia. "The fast rise of emerging economies has driven a shift whereby the centers of economic growth are distributed across developed and developing economies -- it's a truly multipolar world," Justin Yifu, the World Bank's chief economist and senior vice president for development economics, said. The report projected that as a group, emerging economies would grow on an average of 4.7 percent a year between 2011 and 2025. Meanwhile, advanced economies were forecast to grow by 2.3 percent over the same period, but they "yet will remain prominent in the global economy, with the euro area, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States all playing a core role in fuelling global growth."