KARACHI - Despite KESCs tall claims of working round the clock amidst high security risks, most of the areas in the city have been without electricity for the last four days, causing anger and frustration among Karachiites. The areas where electricity has been switched off include mostly old populated areas where the small houses and slums increased the misery of the life during hot weather. The residents showed their anger by coming to streets and staging noisy protest against the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC). The badly affected areas where the electricity has been switched off for the last four days included Ranchore Line, Bhem Pura, Ghas Mandi, Mirza Adam Khan Road, Ghulam Hussain Qasim Road and Usmanabad Badshahi Road. On the other side, the dismissed workers of the KESC continued their protest and hunger strike in front of Karachi Press Club neither any government official nor administration of the KESC contacted them to solve the pending issues of million of Karachiites. At Karachi Press Club where the KESC workers had established the camps for the last 19 days, the workers belonging to different trade bodies reached and expressed solidarity with dismissed workers. They also organised rallies to condemn the atrocities against workers. When contacted, the spokesman of KESC said that the utility continued to work round the clock amidst high security risk to fix electricity faults as fast as possible. He said more than rectifying local faults, the KESC had the most important task ahead to resolve the manually caused defects all across the city by the CBA Unions miscreants during the past around 10 days when the Union started its illegal protest and destructive campaign aimed at failing the power distribution system in the city. All these defects did not exist before that, which was enough evidence for all to understand that the CBA Union had crossed all limits of trade union ethics, permissible protest, human principles, moral justification and lawful means to press for demands, he added. He claimed that KESC, however, continued to supply power to the city despite all odds, and the overall system remained intact as the load shedding was carried out as per schedule from 3 to 4.5 hours in medium and high loss residential and commercial areas respectively. Several KESC officers and members of field staff were attacked and beaten at different places during Monday night and on Tuesday while performing their responsibilities and equipment and vehicles were damaged he informed. Meanwhile, the KESC has charge sheeted and suspended 15 employees, and dismissed one employee, on Tuesday who were involved in deliberately damaging the electric supply system. The Airport police station has registered an FIR No. 152/2011 against two Union activists belonging to BOCs of Azeempura and Shamsi Society on the charges of manhandling of KESC employees, display of weapons and damaging KESC assets. Another similar FIR has been registered against an activist from Korangi Industrial Area on the same charges. The KESC understands that the Unions strike was illegal, as already declared so by the Sindh High Court, and a clear attempt to move the issue of its unjustified demands away from the courts and bring it to streets. All the sane elements of the society including political parties and power lobbies ought to reject and condemn it.