A man has used up his entire life savings to post notices around New York of his prediction for the end of the world. According to the New York Post, Robert Fitzpatrick spent $140,000 (86,400) on 1,000 adverts which read Global Earthquake: The Greatest Ever Judgment Day. May 21, 2011. The ads have been put up in the subway and at numerous bus stops. The 60-year-old said: Judgment Day will surprise people. We will not be ready for it. A giant earthquake will render the earth uninhabitable. Fitzpatrick also said that he can pinpoint the time the earthquake will happen, predicting that it will hit just before 6pm EDT (10pm GMT). Gods people will be resurrected, he continued. Most churches teach that if you just believe, you will be saved. It is not our choice. It is Gods choice. STN