HYDERABAD-Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Muslim League-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif while advocating maximum provincial autonomy to the provinces has stated that PML-N fully believes in providing equal importance to all provinces of the country. He called for creation of new provinces and stressed that objectives of his party are the same which are being carried out by the nationalist political parties of Sindh. He said this while talking to media men here at the residence of the Chief of Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party Dr Qadir Magsi here on Tuesday. Nawaz Sharif who held meetings with the leaders of nationalist political parties including Dr. Qadir Magsi of Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party, Ayaz Latif Paleejo of Awami Tehreek and local PML-N leader Nawab Arshad Talpur. Nawaz said he could have resolved the issues of the provinces if his govt was not wrapped up by the then dictator. He called for accountability of all those who dishonoured the Constitution and laws of the country with impunity and denied rights to marginalised communities and provided no autonomy to the provinces. 'Such persons should be brought to book even if they are still in positions of authority, he added. He emphasised the need for the implementation of the resolution passed by the Parliament in connection with Abbottabad raid ,adding, that the issue is deeply connected with the sovereignty of the country and the government should take a firm action in this direction. Demanding immediate arrest of the killers of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, he stated that the culprits were still at large. Nawaz said his party had same the manifesto as that of the nationalist leaders he met here. 'We talk about rights of poor people, minorities and autonomy for provinces, he explained. To a question, he said his government introduced various schemes for development of rural areas of Sindh. 'We launched the Yellow Cab Scheme so that people involved in transport business can earn a living, he said, adding, that his party began to distribute land to poor peasants in Sindh and made access to justice easier during their two terms in the government. However, he stated that the partys mandate was never respected and he had got 10-year mandate after winning two elections. 'PML-N was not even allowed 5-years in the government, he added. Our many development plans remained incomplete, he said, adding, that had his governments been allowed to complete terms the issues of Sindh and Balochistan would have been resolved. He blamed judiciary for legitimising coups of Generals in the past. When questioned for his partys stance on creation of the new provinces, Nawaz proposed that an academic dialogue should be held on the matter. 'I am not against new provinces as smaller administrations are able to perform better, he added. He praised nationalist leaders for their struggle for the rights of the provinces and said all cultures should be proud of their languages and vibrant traditions. 'Sindhis have maintained their tradition of Topi and Ajarak which is quite impressive, he said. He considered the complaints of nationalist leaders about the census as justified and lamented ignoring the natives of the province in the process. Earlier, Dr Qadir Magsi expressed gratitude to Nawaz Sharif for acknowledging the problems of small provinces and assuring his support. Nawaz Sharif also called upon Ghulam Qadir Paleejo, President Awami Tehreek, at his residence earlier in the morning. The two leaders talked about issues of mutual importance. Talking to media after the meeting, they said the two parties would cooperate with each other on the issues which concern the both. He said the provinces should have rights over its natural resources and that fairness should be ensured in distribution of water. 'Denying admissions in Karachis educational institutions to youth of interior Sindh is not acceptable, Nawaz said. On the occasion, MNA Khwaja Saad Rafique said the purpose of Nawaz Sharifs visit was to make new alliances in the province. He expressed hope that his party would be supported by them in the next elections. 'A new alliance can be formed before the next general elections in the country, he added. Nawaz Sharif also chaired a meeting of party leaders and workers of Sindh at the residence of Nawab Arshad Talpur. Partys reorganisation and electing district level leadership in Sindh was the agenda of the meeting, according to MNA Khwaja Saad Rafique. Senator Pervez Rashid, Ghous Ali Shah, Salim Zia, Mamnoon Hussain, Afzal Gujjar and other leaders of the party accompanied Nawaz Sharif during his visits.