LAHORE The newly-appointed Capital City Police Officer Ahmed Raza Tahir on Tuesday said police have been given 'shoot to kill orders to deal with the desperate gangsters as the word soft-policing did not exist in his dictionary. Soft-policing is neither acceptable to me nor to you and the society as well. In the mid-90s, the police used to play (cricket) test-matches with the hardened criminals. But this is the age of [T]20-20. We are not going to spare those found involved in heinous crimes, Ahmed Raza Tahir told reporters during his maiden chat here at his office. During the informal press briefing, the CCPO spelled out his priorities with major focus on heinous crimes after social crimes but he spoke less about counter-terrorism efforts, no matter the country is facing worst-ever terrorism in its history. According to his plan, the gangsters involved in the incidents of kidnapping for ransom, dacoity-cum-murder, killing of policemen, bank robberies, gang-rape and other heinous crimes would not be spared. We will not adopt defensive policy. We are going to implement aggressive one, he emphasized. He also claimed that those involved in drug peddling, running brothels and gambling dens would also be taken to task. Lists of the big fish have already been finalized and all the big fish of the underworld will be put behind bars within two months, Ahmed, who himself fixed the 60-day deadline, claimed. He reiterated that there would be considerable reduction in crime cases within two months. When asked what would be his other option if he failed to do so, I will call reporters at my office and serve them sweets with tea if I failed to do so, as he replied the conference hall burst into laughter. He also claimed that he would order performance-based postings of the police officers and officials. He said that he has nothing to do whether his subordinate is teenager or mummy-daddy, PSP or ranker. I am just concerned with their output, he added. He said that the policemen would have to improve their performance otherwise they would have to face the music. He said that the concerned SHO would be held responsible if they found gambling dens, drug business and brothels operating in his jurisdiction. The CCPO further claimed that there was no space for corrupt officials in the police department. He also said that Reporting Centers are being established in the office of each SP of the operation wing in order to facilitate the complainant in the City. Ahmed Raza Tahir also assured that he would himself pay visits to the police stations to unearth ground realities. Therefore, he said, senior police officers should work in the field to improve the functioning of the department. Mr Tahir, it may be recalled, had earlier served as the CCPO in Lahore only for one day in May last year when the former Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif, directed the government to withdraw his notification. The court had observed that a judicial inquiry into the tragic incident of Gojra had recommended strict action against him (Tahir) for his failure in controlling the Muslim-Christian riots while he was posted as the Regional Police Officer for Faisalabad. Ultimately, the government had to cancel the notification and Aslam Tarin was posted as CCPO. Sources believe that though Tahir has vast experience in fighting crime and terrorism some top leaders in the PML-N played an important role to convince the CM for his posting as the new CCPO. You will see his work. He has strong nerves and takes bold steps, an official in the CM Secretariat said while referring to Tahirs appointment.