PPP must respect LHC verdict

ISLAMABAD - The President of Pakistan is not the head of a party, group or person but of the entire nation therefore he should be non-controversial figure and not indulge in political activities. The political observers say that Pakistan People Party itself has a precedent when one its leaders became President of the country and he not only resigned from the party position but also from the party membership. Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari when became the President of Pakistan not only resigned from his post in the party but also relinquished the PPP membership. The legal experts said that the PPP workers should respect the Lahore High Court judgement because holding rallies against the Court judgement would weaken the institution. Ikram Chaudhry, former president of Supreme Court Bar Association, talking to The Nation lauded the judgement of LHC and said that it was in accordance with the Constitution. He said the President should not violate the constitutional provisions and refrain from holding political activities in the President House. He said the Pakistan Peoples Party leaders instead of holding protest rallies and playing Sindh card should honour the LHC judgement. If the PPP leaders have grievances then they should file an appeal against the LHC judgement in the Supreme Court. The former leader SCBA said the PPP leaders should not make it a political issue, adding violation the Constitution would weaken the institutions and the country. The Lahore High Court last week passing a judgement expressed the hope that President Asif Ali Zardari will surrender the office of PPPs co-chairperson and stop political activities in the President House. The bench said: It is expected that the president of Pakistan will disassociate himself from political office at the earliest and will cease the use of the premises of the presidency for the purposes and political meetings of his party. Vice Chairman Pakistan Bar Council Latif Afridi said that every office imposes some kind of moral, financial and constitutional constraints on people. He said President of Pakistan is the head of all citizens of the country, therefore he should think of all the people irrespective of political affiliation. Though it has not been mentioned in the Constitution but traditionally and ethically the President should abstain from the political activities. The PBC chief said it was also a fact that people, especially media unnecessarily criticizing the President and spreading propaganda against his personality, which is not right. He said it was not the first time that the President taking part in the politics activities. It had happened in the past as well, he added. Though Latif has not mentioned specifically, but PPP leaders while criticising the LHC judgement say that in the past Quaid-e-Azam and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto held the offices of the party and the head of the state simultaneously.

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