Our Staff Reporter PESHAWAR - PTI KP President Asad Qaiser has urged the masses to vehemently participate in the PTI sit-in in Karachi to resent to drone attacks in the country. Addressing a press conference at Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday, he said the Parliament lost its credibility and the rulers should quit power echelons for their failure. In the wake of unstopped drone attacks in tribal areas of the country it was the moral obligation of all people to set aside their political affiliations and show oneness on the issue that was concerned to the lives of hundreds of people in the country, he added. There was a need to give unequivocal message to Americans that Pakistani nation would not compromise on its sovereignty and integrity at all, said Asad Qaiser adding that a decision was made in the in-camera session regarding Abbottabad episode that the foreign policy of the country would be reviewed and in case of continued drone attacks, NATO supply would be stopped. from the region. He said that lamentably enough not more than 24 hours were lapsed that once again US drone strikes into the tribal areas of the country and once again posed a challenge to the country integrity and sovereignty. The PTI stalwart said that despite all these happenings American Senator Jhon Kerry was given so much protocol to prove the slavish mentality of our rulers adding that the patients of the people has come to an end and PTI would give a call of permanently cutting off NATO supply provided drone attacks were not stopped.