The murder of a Saudi diplomat in Karachi, just two days after an attack on its consulate offices in Karachis DHA, reflects poorly on the law enforcement agencies such as police, rangers and theprovincial home department. While the Karachi police was busy providing security to the ministers, and MPAs goingfromtheir well protectedresidences in Phase 5 of DHA, to attend the Sindh Provincial Assembly, that was preparing to pass yet another resolutionagainst the judiciary, it failed to provide securityto the Saudi Consulate, in spite of theevident security threat to it. Perhaps it is time that Sindh governmentappoint a Home Minister and the PA focus their attention to securing lives and properties of citizensof the provincial metropolis andlegislation to tax the rich, instead ofwasting their energies on useless pursuits, that would help nobody including the ruling party or their coalition partners. This city has had more than 30,000 of its citizens falling victim to target killings,ransom and violence both ethnic, sectarian and gang warsor battle for turf. This is a failure of the provincial political government which is responsible for law enforcement and writ of law. The law and order problem in Karachi is worse than any other settled part of Pakistan, or even FATA. Rahat Siddiqi Karachi