ISLAMABAD - Opposition leader in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan on Tuesday bitterly criticised the PPP-led ruling coalition over the drone attacks which occurred in the presence of US Senator John Kerry in Islamabad. He said this was nothing but making fun of the resolution adopted unanimously by the Parliament. 'If all the matters were to be settled with Americans through secret arrangements then what was the need of convening the joint session, therefore, government should explain the reasons of drone attack inspite of the resolution, Nisar told a Press conference here at Punjab House. 'Despite unanimous agreement of the Parliament that NATO supplies would be stopped in case of drone attacks, therefore, why govt has not done any thing?, he asked. Nisar was of the view that the Parliament had given a guideline to the Armed Forces, and any secret deal with US after that would not be justified and accepted at all until the Parliament was taken on board. He said PML-N would consult other Parliamentary parties to evolve a common course regarding implementation of the landmark Parliamentary resolution. On constitution of the independent commission, he said it would be established with the mandate of ascertaining facts and fix responsibility to punish those found guilty of their failure. He informed the journalists that PML-N would commence its working on independent commission from Wednesday (today). In this regard the names of good reputed personalities would be sent to the Prime Minister which would give recommendations to avoid such incidents in future, he added. He also lashed out at the government for feeding of wrong information to media of proceedings of in-camera joint sitting of the Parliament. He said that the government is very keen to create a gulf between the leadership of PML-N and Pak Army. He said govt is presenting those events that were not occurred during the joint session of Parliament in front of the nation by manipulating the things and ,adding, a lot of speculations and gossips in it. 'The rulers are mounting the disinformation just to get political gains. They are exploiting the in-camera session for point scoring purpose, whereas a wrong perception is being crafted about the leadership of PML-N, he added. 'Initially the resolution was drafted by Foreign Office but we did not agree with even single line of it. Then PML-N after long consultation prepared a resolution, which was passed after certain guarantees of the govt, Nisar added.